1995""Dennis Paul Williams, is a person of immense and radiant energy. His paintings record the immanence of that remarkable energy. In this record the world Dennis Paul Williams lives in is immediately recognizable. Also recognizable is the truth of transcendence.

The music he loved as a child, and which provides part of his work "for a living," is all over his vast works. His spiritual energy spins like dervsishes in his imagery. His paintings are fields in which his daughters reside. His wife is there; his uncle, brothers, father, grandmother - all personages he reveres. So are horses and fish. The lowly chicken is there. Birds and angels and rabbits are there, too. And so are the old prophets. All drawn from a rich imagining of the ancestral icons on whose shoulders Dennis Paul Williams so lovingly and so brilliantly stands.

Here is a person who loves the world he resides in because it is energized by larger powers. His paintings are conversations with the reverential and the divine; with what has passed, and what is coming toward us with the terrible swiftness and certainty of unquestioning love.

by Dr. Darrell Bourque, from Significant Voices, 1999



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